About Us

My Background


While working for a Large East Coast A&E firm for ten years, I spent the majority of my time honing my modeling and rendering skill sets on a variety of Large Projects.  After a decade of working on all facets of the design and construction industry, I left the Firm to focus solely on the modeling and rendering end of projects. I created VirtualEyesDesign, LLC in July of 2015 and continue to work on Projects of varying scopes and sizes for a whole range of Clients, including Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and others interested in seeing what their projects will ultimately become.

My Work Flow


I can begin with a variety of design sources to start my process.  These may include things from simple napkin sketches up through fully completed CAD Drawings. Whether your idea is in your head or down on paper, I am here to help you make the transition from an idea or concept into something complete that others can than easily visualize and understand.

I model my clients project's in Revit Architecture and then do most scene creation and rendering work with Lumion 3D.

Why Use My Services


I have an uncanny ability to understand what a client is wanting to visualize and then taking my years of experience in the Design & Construction Industry, be able to apply my knowledge and skills into making the clients vision into something tangible, whether that be a still render or animated short, that the client can then provide to others to help communicate the intended design in an easy and visually friendly manner.